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24 Hour Bail Bonds Marietta GA

A recent news article came out this week about a Cobb County bail bonds office in Marietta, Georgia is absorbing quite a lot of business due to their “professionalism” and “great rates.” What’s so great about one company? Aren’t most all bondsman agencies the same? Furthermore, aren’t most rates that same? I mean, certainly no bonding company can advertise cheap bail bonds and stay in business, right?

Wrong… for the most part.

A Bail Bonds Company That’s Open 24 Hours a Day

We dug a little deeper into how this Cobb County bonding company was able to get such a large share of the market. Yes, we went over their books with them and looked at their call logs. We verified with their insurance company that they did in fact write the bonds for the defendants. Everything lined up.

So, how was this one bail bondsman able to write so many bonds for so many different people?

What we’re about to disclose with you might shock you.

The bail bondsmen accept incoming calls 24/7, but are only open during specific hours to see the friends and families of accused persons. This is probably the most important aspect of their business model.

Secondly, they never turn anyone away. Between the hours of 9:00 pm and 8:00 am, the bondsman has an answering service that collects the contact information of the callers who is trained to explain a bit about how the bonding company’s processes work and when a bounty hunter might get involved (apparently this is a common question in the Marietta area). They then give them a rough estimate to what the bond amount is by looking up the inmate’s information on the Cobb County government’s website. A little simple math can give the cosigner a rough estimate at what they would be looking at when it comes time to sign the surety bond. All the potential co-signer has to do is run to the bank to acquire the funds and meet the bail bonds agent at their Marietta office in the morning. A lot of the grunt work has already been taken care of by the answering service and the bonding company can do its job in a more efficient manner.

Here is the 24 Hour Bonding Company’s information if you want to contact them for more details.

Bail Bonding Now 400 W Peachtree St NW #4 – 1136, Atlanta, GA 30308 770-799-6756


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