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24 Hour Bail Bonds Marietta GA

24 Hour Bonding Company in Marietta, Georgia Blows Up

A recent news article came out this week about a Cobb County bail bonds office in Marietta, Georgia is absorbing quite a lot of business due to their “professionalism” and “great rates.” What’s so great about one company? Aren’t most all bondsman agencies the same? Furthermore, aren’t most rates that same? I mean, certainly no…
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military families

Military Families and Stress

Soldiers face a huge amount of stress and emotional upheaval in active war. The constant fear of losing their lives, fighting for their country and the trauma of having to take another’s life can be emotionally damaging. Another set of people who undergo a huge amount of such emotional distress is the families of such…
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what atlanta bail bondsmen do

Bail Bondsmen: What They Do

Most of us don’t keep a bail bondsman on retainer, unless we are in constant trouble with the law or we have a warrant out for our arrest. So, who do you call when someone you know gets arrested? In this post, we’re going to cover what a bail bondsman does, how they do it,…
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news corporations

The Media Trap

The saying goes that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. This may be the case when absorbing the daily news and media concerning the war. Although, it is best to assume that no reporter or news journalist is intentionally being dishonest or spreading lies, one needs to understand the driving force behind news before whole-heartedly…
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politics kazakhstan

The Political System of Kazakhstan

Many textbooks and educational programming explains the political system in countries like the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. However, many people don’t know about the political system for countries like Kazakhstan due to the lack of information that is readily available. While political systems can be a complex issue to explain, here’s a brief…
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government preventing war

How Government Administrations Can Prevent War

When a country goes to war, it is because all possible means of finding a peaceful solution have been unsuccessful. There are certain preventive measures that government administrations can take to prevent war. While the actual processes can be extremely intricate and difficult to comprehend for those not politically inclined, here are some basic outlines.…
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effects on soldiers

The Effect of War on Military Soldiers

Undoubtedly, war is not a simple experience. On the battlefield, war can be devastating on your nerves. For most soldiers, the emotional trauma of having been part of war does not end with the war or when they come back to the safety of their homes. In most cases, coming home is simply the beginning…
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war news

Is War Reported Accurately on the News?

War was never really reported until CNN brought it to our living rooms with Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Until then, all that could be heard on war was through the radio and through the experiences of those reporting on the field. The accuracy of these reports in terms of devastation and casualty numbers depended…
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