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How Government Administrations Can Prevent War

When a country goes to war, it is because all possible means of finding a peaceful solution have been unsuccessful. There are certain preventive measures that government administrations can take to prevent war. While the actual processes can be extremely intricate and difficult to comprehend for those not politically inclined, here are some basic outlines.…
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effects on soldiers

The Effect of War on Military Soldiers

Undoubtedly, war is not a simple experience. On the battlefield, war can be devastating on your nerves. For most soldiers, the emotional trauma of having been part of war does not end with the war or when they come back to the safety of their homes. In most cases, coming home is simply the beginning…
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Is War Reported Accurately on the News?

War was never really reported until CNN brought it to our living rooms with Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Until then, all that could be heard on war was through the radio and through the experiences of those reporting on the field. The accuracy of these reports in terms of devastation and casualty numbers depended…
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