How Government Administrations Can Prevent War

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government preventing war

When a country goes to war, it is because all possible means of finding a peaceful solution have been unsuccessful. There are certain preventive measures that government administrations can take to prevent war. While the actual processes can be extremely intricate and difficult to comprehend for those not politically inclined, here are some basic outlines.

The first thing all nations do is indulge in diplomacy. This is where two nations negotiate and try and arrive at a compromise. Though there are a few government administrations in the world that do not believe in diplomacy, this is largely the first step taken by most nations. The next step is to put a practical foreign policy in place. This should be based on mutual understanding and not threats and sanctions. It should uphold a nation’s values without undermining the values of others.

An effort has to be made to understand the cultural complexities of a nation. There are times that a misunderstanding of how the nation functions is attributed as being hostile. Such understanding will help make diplomacy and negotiations a bit simpler.

Government administrations should also consider lowering the budget given to military development. This will allow for better development of the nation. Developing military capacities to necessary levels is fine, beyond which the maintenance cannot be justified. Preemptive strikes should not be considered at all, especially if you are going up against a stronger nation. This will look like more of an offensive move than a defensive one and can get you in some serious trouble. Make sure that an effort to explore every possible option is made before war is even remotely considered as an option.

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