Military Families and Stress

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military families

Soldiers face a huge amount of stress and emotional upheaval in active war. The constant fear of losing their lives, fighting for their country and the trauma of having to take another’s life can be emotionally damaging. Another set of people who undergo a huge amount of such emotional distress is the families of such soldiers.

Having a member of one’s family leave home for battle is the equivalent of having a family member go out into the great unknown. Going about daily life knowing that someday there may be a knock on the door bringing in bad news is difficult. With children and elders at home, handling such delicate situations can be extremely difficult. Children ask questions on the whereabouts of a parent, the elders jump at the sound of the phone or the doorbell. Through it all, the strong one in the family has to maintain a façade of calm that can be nerve-wracking at times. In most cases, it has to be understood that such mental angst comes from supporting the soldiers and not necessarily the war they are fighting.

Families also undergo stress when their loved ones come back home. Whether they come home with an injury or not, there is mental trauma. Many soldiers come back with post-traumatic stress disorder. Dealing with such soldiers and maintaining the peace in the family can be quite difficult. If a soldier comes home with an injury, permanent or otherwise, it takes a massive toll on the family that is trying to look after him the best they can. They have to deal with tempers, emotions and pain while all time maintaining a calm face in front of family and friends.

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