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The saying goes that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. This may be the case when absorbing the daily news and media concerning the war. Although, it is best to assume that no reporter or news journalist is intentionally being dishonest or spreading lies, one needs to understand the driving force behind news before whole-heartedly embracing it.

If you are like many Americans, you are concerned about our country’s well-being. You wonder about the well-fare of our soldiers serving abroad in the war, and have questions about war efforts which are trying to achieve peace. You may question military strategies or government administration policies about our presence in the Middle East.

As a concerned and active citizen, it is very easy to get caught up in the emotion of it all. This is what the news and media intend. Media thrives on readers. Often news press releases and news articles are not written to just convey facts or information. This would be too dry for some and they would lose interest quickly.

This would be a disaster for the media industry. Although it is their job to keep the public informed, they must employ methods that will attract readers to come back again and again.

Getting the public riled up about issues keeps them hungering for more news. Have you ever noticed that there are hardly ever conclusive articles declaring a complete happy ending? That type of article would be too final and really take the reader no where. The media wants us to join the band wagon, to have fiery opinions, and generally keep us interested.

Originally the news was subsidized by government funds. When times changed though, this funding was withdrawn, and the news had to rely on its own means to stay in business.

So before ranting and raving about the latest news, read various articles. Get a second opinion to decipher what is fact and what is put in to raise your emotions. You can then get the needed information without falling in to the media trap.

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