The Political System of Kazakhstan

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Many textbooks and educational programming explains the political system in countries like the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. However, many people don’t know about the political system for countries like Kazakhstan due to the lack of information that is readily available.

While political systems can be a complex issue to explain, here’s a brief look at how the Kazakhstan political system is setup.

The President

Kazakhstan’s political system is a presidential republic. The Kazakhstan President is voted into office by election and is often considered a decorative head of state. With the exception of being commander in chief of the armed forces and having veto power, the president has very little political power over the country of Kazakhstan.

The Prime Minister

The prime minister is the head of the Kazakhstan’s government. The Prime Minister is responsible for running the political side of the country, presenting laws and bills to be passed, and to help ensure that the country is running smoothly.

Currently, one main prime minister oversees everything in regards to the government. There are also 16 deputy prime ministers who serve on a board known as the Cabinet of Ministers. The Cabinet of Ministers works with the Prime Minister to make executive government decisions.

The Parliament

Kazakhstan’s Parliament is a two-house structure known as bicameral. There is the lower house, or Majilis, and the upper house or the Senate. Between 107 to 110 people make up the Majilis, while only 47 make up the Senate. Members of the Majilis are voted into office by popular vote, while members of the Senate are appointed by administrative divisions or by the President himself.

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